Tumult and Peace all in one week

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In Benghali, Libya, a mob of angry Muslims murdered an American diplomat, Christopher Stevens, in retaliation to a controversial 14 minute film by the 75-year-old American Sam Becile.  In response, Obama has forced this issue to be an “outrageous attack”  and will do all in his power to “bring to justice”  the murderers of Stevens.  The burning of an US flag ensued in Cairo, as tensions mount between the two international entities.  However, pro-American  rallies in Libya hope to demonstrate the two sides to Muslim perspectives and the  ‘terrorist’ view of Muslims is not quite an accurate reflection of their religion and society.

Extreme methods of punishments (public amputations) by Islamic police in the North African country of Mali on accused thieves.

On a similar note, on the island nation of Mauritania, Malian soldiers fatally shot 14 unarmed Muslim preachers.  Relatives of the victims search for answers as to why this could have happened.

A young Christian girl with learning disabilities was recently released from a Pakistani prison after she was detained for burning parts of the Koran.

The Dalai Lama, the Tibetan holy man, posted on his Facebook page that ‘religion is no longer adequate’  to solve world issues, thus suggesting a new outlook on spirituality.

On a different note, and a rather ironical one at that, representatives from different religious sects around the world gathered in Sarajevo, Bosnia, to discuss peace talks.  Present at the conference were officials from the Greek Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu and Buddhist faiths coming together at a once war-torn city still recovering from the effects and tragedy of the Yugoslavian civil war.

The ‘miracle tree’, or the sole surviving pine tree of the devastating 2011 tsunami in Japan, will be cut down and preserved in Shintoism, Japan’s animistic native religion, fashion.  The estimated price will be around $1.9 million.

Meanwhile, in New York, the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World at New York University (ISAW)  exhibit Echoes of the Past: The Buddhist Cave Temples of Xiangtangshan , which ‘brings together twelve of the finest of these temple sculptures, on loan from American and British museums, and features a full scale, digital, 3D reconstruction of the interior of one of the site’s most impressive caves.’  Hopefully the purpose of bringing visitors to the heart of Buddhist history will be successful.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is spreading his word of peace through spirituality in Argentina by bringing together the officials of  religious institutions and spiritual organisations to try to figure out solutions to what the Dalai Lama believes is wrong with religion in this day and age.

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