DC Comics Introduces the New Arab-American Green Lantern

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Growing up, every one wants to be a super hero. How amazing would it be to be able to fly, swing around the sky on a spider web, or save the world from danger? When we were young kids, we looked up to Superman, Spider-Man and Batman, but this generation of kids now will look up to Green Lantern #0. What is so great about this new edition of the comic book? DC Comics diversified the super hero world with an American hero of Arab ancestry raised in a Muslim family.

To explain the comic book series, the Green Lantern is considered to be many different people that have come together to join forces. So in reality, there are many Green Lanterns.  The effort to expand the comic books began with a gay Green Lantern and a half-black, half-Latino Spider-Man released not too long ago. With a new Arab American Green Lantern #0, children in the United States are introduced to perhaps a religion they have never experienced before. Geoff Johns, the writer of the Green Lantern series explained that, “There’s no prominent Arab-American superheroes in the DC (Comics) at all.” The story behind the new comic book character is a true story that the writer of DC Comics experienced himself.  Johns explained that the new character “is not a perfect character.  He’s obviously made some mistakes in his life, but that makes him more compelling and relatable.”

Relatable is the main word in this quote.

When children are able to relate to a person or character, they are more accepting. The culture in the United States has become much more diversified over the past decades and many children are only introduced to the religious views of their parents.  Using a comic book to introduce a new religion to a child shows children that just because someone is of a different religion, they are actually not any different on the inside. Use of a comic book to mesh different religions is a perfect way to portray a situation to a child.  There are no external factors telling a child what to believe or what not to believe and therefore they are able to make a decision for themselves without the persuasion of others.

What better ways to express this religion than having a super hero do it?  The purpose of a super hero is to have someone to look up to in times of trouble. Depending on who the super hero is, he or she can be the person a child or adult wants to shape their life to be like.  If a super hero is smart, strong, or helpful, many people will instantly look up to them. This super hero is chosen to be a part of an intergalactic police force.  How cool is that? Just the word “intergalactic” sounds appealing to a child.

A super hero is a person who is reliable and children are always looking to older individuals to lead them in the right direction.

The Arab-American character named, Simon Baz, is a character children can look up to.  Baz makes poor choices when he steals a car, but turns his world around into an inspirational positive. Many people, not only children but adults as well, make poor decisions sometime in their life, but it is what they do with the situation to turn it around.  Baz is a perfect example of never giving up and always finding a way out of a difficult situation.

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