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Anti-Islam Film

California filmmaker, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, created a post on Craigslist looking for actors for the “action-adventure” film titled “Desert Warrior”.  Nakoula is a convicted felon who has previously used aliases to hide his actions.  On Craigslist he went by the alias “Sam Bacile”.  The film, “Innocence of Muslims”, provides the Prophet Mohammed in unfavorable ways such as a child molester and womanizer.  Islam prohibits any illustrations or portrayals of Mohammed.  The film has been the match that lit the fire to continuous protests. U.S. flags have been burned, anti-American chants have become increasingly popular, and riots have been going on in areas such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Indonesia.

The New Green Lantern

DC Comics introduced Simon Baz, and Arab American as the newest human in the Green Lantern Corps. Geoff Johns, a Lebanese American is the writer and creator of the newest addition.  The New Green Lantern is the country’s first Arab-American superhero.  The setting for the newest comic fad is the Great Lakes area, with Johns adding “You can see Michigan and everything in it,”.  The cool new superhero displays an Arabic tattoo on the same arm as his Lantern ring.

Jesus and Buddha Film

In a new documentary, three leading figure’s in Buddhist-Christian dialogue will share their journeys. “Jesus and Buddha: Practicing Across Traditions” will show how following the path of Buddha increased their understanding of Jesus’ teachings. This film shows how the understanding other religions can help one to get further in their own personal journey’s.  The film is 44 minutes long and available on DVD.

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