My Take on “Innocence of Muslims”

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Infiltrator of the Libyan U.S. Embassy

There has recently been much controversy over a film called “Innocence of Muslims”.  The film, as described in an article by Leonard Pitts, depicts the prophet Muhammad as a murderer, philanderer, child molester, and fop.  To many Muslims, this was an incredibly degrading video.  There have been many different kinds of retaliation to this video.  Most shrug it off and realize it was just some idiot extremists who refuse to be open minded and happy about diversity.  Others have made attacks against anything that stands for America within reach.  One of these attacks was a cyber-attack on the bank of America where an Islamic “hacktivist” group made the bank experience outages on Tuesday.  Other threats were empty such as those said to take down the NYSE.  Not all retaliation was virtual though, as the Libyan U.S. embassy was raided, vandalized, and multiple people were murdered.  Such people were U.S. Libyan ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other embassy staff.  There is currently a touching website up for the ambassador which is collecting kind words of people who were greatly impacted by Stevens.  People on this case are still trying to figure more out about the director, Sam Bacile, who is an Israeli Jew much against the Muslim culture.  When Bacile was asked what he thinks about Islam he responded, “Islam is cancer, period”.   Currently Bacile is in hiding most likely to avoid the same fate received by Christopher Stevens.

I personally think this whole situation is incredibly stupid.  I do not hate Muslims and I believe it is a great shame such a thing was produced, but the retaliation that has happened because of this film is flat out ridiculous.  While I go on with this rant I do realize that this is a very small percent of Muslims involved.  Corporations have been hacked, embassies raided, people murdered, all because of association with the origins of actors and producers.  To analyze this as a Muslim and claim that it is all America’s fault is quite the generalization.  As a citizen of the United States I feel terrible that I breathe the same air as these people but at the same time I am willing to accept, not with total ease, that such ignorance exists in this world.  I am not happy to say the world is filled with arrogant fools who are not open minded and respect  the cultures of others, but I am willing to shrug it off and live knowing the majority of people hopefully think the same as I do.  I myself am a Christian and if the movie was made by Muslims and a portrayal of Jesus Christ I would not be entirely pleased with the film, but I would also not point my finger at the origins of its producers and those involved.  Just the fact that lives were lost over this really speaks out against the intelligence of the human race.

So, how can we as the human race solve this issue?  What could everyone do to make sure something like this does not happen again?  Well sadly, it will most likely happen again.  This does not however mean we cannot impede the production a little bit.  A response to all of this was made by Caner K. Dagli, a professor of Islamic studies.  Dagli himself is an American Muslim and proposes a good answer to our question.  In his words, “We can keep such ugliness as Bacile’s film to a minimum by persuasion and education, not appeals to violence and intimidation”.  Through the education to understand others, and persuasion to peacefully work out the knots that bother you, maybe the production of such nonsense and retaliation will be reduced.   And then maybe we can impress ourselves by how humane we are.  Maybe is quite the word.

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