Critical Commentary: Bacon as a Weapon? Nothing to Worry About.

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The Masjid Al-Hidayah Islamic Center in Port Coquitlam, a center welcoming all faiths, found five large piles of bacon and other meat at their doorstep and along one of the outer walls late Wednesday night. The Canadian worshippers inside were “disturbed” and “disgusted” at the appearance of this meat on the ground. Since the consumption of pork is forbidden in Islam, this was clearly a purposeful vandalism and could easily be ruled as a hate crime. The center’s president states violence in the Middle East due to the provocative film recently produced could be linked to this.

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The very act of purchasing enough bacon to make five large piles of it would be enough to make most people rethink their process of communicating with local Islamists. However, somebody thought this would somehow help a situation which honestly was not affecting their local worship center. The people of British Columbia are not involved in the protests in the Middle East. It’s unlikely they have created any problems in their community as a result of the video mocking Muhammad. The person or people who decided to stack bacon on the sidewalk may have more issues to sort out than the people inside the building.

While this strange tactic of upsetting local Islamists, Muslims, and whomever else the bacon was supposed to target is insulting, it is also refreshingly nonviolent. If anyone gets angry with me, I would prefer they fling bacon at my vegetarian face rather than act with violence. Honestly, I see this as a waste of resources. Those pigs were fattened and slaughtered so they could be eaten, but these “attackers” have wasted the meat by throwing it on the ground. They have also wasted their own money purchasing said bacon in a weak effort to make a point. What point, exactly? I’m not sure. If these piles of bacon are supposed to be a response to the violence halfway across the world, it doesn’t seem as if the perpetrators are going to get their message across. If this is a random act, it is strange and immature.
If these bacon-piling fiends really want to make a difference, they could start by trying to understand the Islamic faith rather than insulting it. Since the center welcomes people of all faiths, these non-Islamic people could come inside and observe or even, dare I say, partake in worship in order to better understand their neighbors. I am making the assumption that these people are local, because it seems rather strange that anyone should go out of the way to pile bacon in front of a peaceful place. However, the crime itself is strange, so I digress. Even speaking to the president of this establishment could be beneficial, as he could answer any questions and explain away any concerns these people must have.

Overall, I find the bacon stacking vandals to be strange, but not of actual concern. Attention can be focused on the more violent and detrimental crimes. By no means should this event go ignored, and the vandals should be warned that if they are caught, there will be consequences. They could also be educated on Islam in an effort to override their previous ignorance. However, the bacon can be removed, the sidewalk washed, and the people of the Islamic Center comforted. This will be washed away and in a couple weeks life may be completely normal again in this Vancouver suburb.

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