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Laurel Krebsbach

For my Cultural Arts review I decided to write about a movie coming out that is affecting the Hindu community. Steven Spielberg is set to produce a movie on the sacred scripture of Ramayana as a new animated blockbuster that is set to be released in 2015. The movie is set to be an ancient tale in Mumbai Musical form. DreamWorks executive says they began filming in early September with director Kevin Lima.

Ramayana is a tale that teaches values about dharma, karma, devotion, and relationships. Hindu’s like it for there are so many characters that they can relate to one of them. The story of Ramayana has been told and retold forever. There are even different versions told, but they all center on the same characters and plots. Most Hindu’s know about this story from their childhood for it is a famous epic tale. It is a very long tale, but it has a central character named, Prince Rama who is seen as a hero to most Hindu’s for he is an Ideal son, husband, and ruler. Rama is thought to be an incarnation of the god Vishnu by many Hindu’s. Some other core characters are Sita who is Rama’s wife and is referred to as the bless child by the Janak kingdom. Dasaratha is Rama’s father and the Kind of Ayodya. Kaushlaya is Rama’s mother and Dasaratha’s first wife.  Rama interacts with the many characters in the tale, but a main message for listeners to the tale is to perform their dharma. As we learned in World Religions dharma is about law, order, duty, and truth.

Once word got out about a possible movie about Ramayana there was major concern among the Hindu community for they are worried about the accurate portray of the Hindu religion. Hindu leaders especially worry that their religion will be mocked or not taken seriously. Leader Rajan Zed is especially worried about how Ramayana will be portrayed in the film. Zed said, “Ramayana is a highly revered scripture of Hinduism and the film should stay true to the story and the spirit of Ramayana.” The Hindu community would gladly want a movie to be made about Ramayana if it is accurately portrayed so others don’t get the wrong impression about such a sacred thing in the Hindu community.

I think this Steven Spielberg movie could become a very good thing for the Hindu community if it is done in the right way. I think DreamWorks should allow Hindu leaders to make sure everything in the Ramayana tale is being done correctly, so it is sending an accurate message about the tale to people who know nothing about Hinduism. I think Hollywood films have a lot of power to shape public perceptions and it should be their duty to be as accurate as possible with the information they give the public. Not everyone believes what happens in Hollywood films is 100 percent accurate, but there are those few people that you can shape their perspective on something according to how the movie depicts something.


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