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Hello everyone thanks for checking out my edition of the “Religion Rundown”. I have attached a link of this post as a podcast so that you can just sit back and relax instead of reading through it all.


*Thursday September 27, 2012

                A story of the city of Kabul is told through a series of pictures. There have been many changes that have happened there in the capital of Afghanistan but there spirits appear to be unbreakable.

Japan found a cult leader guilty of murder and sentenced her to death. The cult leader was said to be exercising evil spirits when she repeatedly hit the victims with drumsticks until they died. The members of the cult that were killed were said to have been beginning to doubt the leader’s “spiritual ability”.

A 1000 year old Buddhist statue of the god Vaisravana that had been looted by Nazis in the 1930’s was examined and found to be made from a meteorite.

*Friday September 28, 2012

Saudi Arabia began expelling Nigerian woman on the Hajj Pilgrimage. The reason to expel these women was just that they were not accompanied by male guardians. The government ministry stands by their decision saying that it is a longstanding law that woman under the age of 45 must have a male guardian during the pilgrimage.

Kyrgyzstan banned a Dutch film called “I am Gay and Muslim” from their festival labeling it extremist. The film was about young gay men living in Morocco where homosexuality is illegal.

*Saturday September 29, 2012

Gypsy camps in France were forcibly evacuated and then burned to the ground. All of the residents there were as a result forced into homelessness. All of this happened by vigilantes under the clear view of the French Government. The Hindus and Jews have expressed shock in light of this incidence.

A preacher named Ahmed Abdallah in Egypt was charged with Blasphemy for burning the bible on videotape. This was a unique case because most of the cases of religious blasphemy in Egypt are against Islam. The preacher seeks to get the laws reformed.

There are many changes going on with moon festival in Vietnam. The holiday traditionally consists of kids running around and playing while parents work hard to prepare for the harvest. As times are changing the kids are asking for much more complex toys than the traditional ones that are made for them. This causes an effect that spread out to the villages that make the toys.

*Sunday September 30, 2012

                A group of Muslims in Bangladesh burned down at least four Buddhist temples and fifteen houses of Buddhists because they say that a Buddhist man insulted Islam in the Cox’s Bazar. The man was said to have been attempting to break the peace between Muslims and Buddhists. The spark of the controversy was a picture posted on Facebook.

*Tuesday October 2, 2012

The blog Khaleafa was nominated for the annual Brass Crescent’s Best New Blog Award. The blog focuses on exploring the Islamic approach to environmentalism.

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–Connor Brausen

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