Islamic Art finds a new home in Paris

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go to the most sought after, world renown, art museum? We could travel half way around the world to experience that at the Louvre. Would we enjoy it? The Louvre, in Paris, boasts as it has many different types of art from cultures all over the world on display.  In 1989, the Louvre added a glass pyramid, which some were certain would jeopardize the elegant air the Louvre associates itself with. Quite the reverse, the pyramid turned out to be one of the most attractive exhibits.

So, why does this matter? The Louvre just added a new Islamic art wing. Like the pyramid in 1989, Islamic culture isn’t really integrated into France culture. According to an article written by Jennifer Pollard on the new exhibit, the Louvre has “about 8.8 million visitors each year.” With this new exhibit on Islamic art, I would conclude it would attract a whole new audience, a whole new culture. Why? I believe that people become much more interested in being proactive if they are educated on the topic. For example, people that consider themselves Islamic, probably know more about Islamic art. Although, Islamic Art sounds intriguing it may not mean a whole lot to those of us who don’t know much about it but to those who do identify themselves with Islam, it does. Therefore, the new exhibit will hopefully bring more culture to the Louvre. To pull away from the point of being educated, Islamic art to a person of a different culture is likely art that is much different than what we are use to. Speaking for myself, I don’t know a whole lot about Islam and would consider it a great opportunity to study another religion through art and art history. Learning others cultures and religions, could be called Diversity, a good characteristic to have. To get to know other religions and cultures, one becomes a more educated, well-rounded person. Through the new Islamic art wing at the Louvre, I believe they are trying to achieve that.

Religion is a word that might have a different meaning to me than to someone of a different culture or country but I believe religion is still considered a very important idea. Another question is, why is it important to Islamic people? Some of the countries linked to Islam have been fighting a bad reputation to the western world. People can experience a very different side of Islam and people can learn the history of Islam through the exhibit without bias. With the exhibit at the Louvre, we can get a glimpse into a life and culture different from most of our own. We can gain appreciation for other religions and diversify ourselves.

If you haven’t wondered what it’s like to go to the most sought after, world renown, art museum, I hope you are now. It would be a learning experience that you’d never forget; I wouldn’t. The Islamic art wing offers culture that many, if not all of us, haven’t been exposed to. Some may have said that the Islamic wing is also jeopardizing the elegance of the Louvre but how does one define elegant and what elegant includes? Just because Islamic art isn’t what France culture is accustomed to, doesn’t mean Islamic art shouldn’t be considered elegant. Take a look at the glass pyramid, many thought that would do the Louvre’s reputation harm, I guess they didn’t know you could be culturally diverse.


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