Critical Commentary 10/12: Cory Ellis Chinese Rule over Tibet

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Since the early 1950’s the Chinese government has claimed rule over Tibet and its people. Early on, the problems were not as evident, but as the years have gone by, the Tibetans are getting tired of the Chinese rule and wish to put an end to it. Over the years, the Tibetan reactions to the Chinese ruling over them has become more and more drastic. I think its time that the Chinese let Tibet run its own country and make its own decisions in order to please the Tibetans and stop anymore people from getting hurt.

Chinese rule is getting out of hand in Tibet, where there have been reports that police brutality has occurred and has been a cause of death for one if not more Tibetans in protest. The initial start to resistance to the Chinese began in the late 1950’s and has been going on ever since. Early on, Tibet was using guerilla soldiers against the Chinese. But, that quickly faded as many Tibetans died and the Dalai Lama then fled for his safety. After that, the Chinese used the Panchen Lama (person next in rank behind the Dalai Lama) to rule over Tibet and its people. Over the years, the conflicts have continued and have not really improved much.

In 2008, protests turned into riots where the people of Tibet began to attack the Han and Hui people in Lhasa. After which the Chinese began to detain thousands of Tibetans resulting in other protests beginning to happen around the world; some in favor of the Chinese, some in favor of the Tibetans. Ever since these happenings, journalists and news teams have been basically banned to the problematic areas I feel because the Chinese government does not want any bad press getting out about themselves.

Ever since his holiness the Dalai Lama has retired from being the political leader of Tibet, I feel that the actions of the Tibetans have just proceeded to get worse. They have started to protest more, only inflicting damage and ultimately taking their own lives in protest against Chinese rule. Since 2009, over 50 Tibetans have been involved in self-immolation (setting oneself on fire). This number only continues to grow as more and more people protest against the Chinese rule. Recently, four Tibetans, including two monks, were arrested because of their support of the resistance against China and support of these self-immolation acts. They were not treated fairly, where the government did not notify their families until 2 days before their trials, and were not allowed to hire a lawyer in their defense. The Chinese are trying to keep this under control as best as possible.

I feel that in order for their to be a peaceful ending to this is for the Chinese to just step down and back away from Tibet. They should give the Tibetans what they want; their freedom back. Eventually I feel that the Dalai Lama or the next Dalai Lama has to regain his political control in Tibet and lead them away from China and on a path where they are able to govern themselves. I feel this is the only way for all of the protests, violence and self-immolation acts to come to an end. I feel that the Tibetans should be able to govern themselves and his holiness the Dalai Lama should regain control and lead Tibet back to a peaceful country.



An image of a Monks self-immolation used for an Album cover for Rage Against the Machine

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