My Take: Controversy Over “Innocence of Muslims”

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Last month a trailer for a film called “The Innocence of Muslims” was released. This low-budget, inaccurate film about the prophet Muhammad and Islam has sparked religious controversy around the world. Protests, riots, and attacks have left many people injured or dead, all because of this thirteen-minute film produced in Hollywood, California by a man who went by the name of Sam Bacile. Bacile has been found to be an Arab-Christian fraud and conman named Nakoula Basseley Nakoula who currently is facing three years in prison.

This film has been banned in many countries, including Russia,Libya, Indonesia, Egypt, and India, because of the inappropriateness of the video itself and because of the violence it has stirred up. However, it is still available on Youtube in many countries such as the US. This trailer has caused many hate-based, violent actions against Christians and Americans alike.

In my opinion, this film was inappropriate to make and it is giving Christians and Americans a bad name. That being said, there are some things we all, no matter our countries of origin or our religious affiliations, need to consider.

First of all, this film is a piece of crap. Aside from the fact that almost nothing in the trailer is factual about Islam, the quality of it is so poor that I am not sure why people are taking it so seriously. I believe Muslims have a right to be upset about the content of the film, but it is not worth all this violence. The elementary-age girls I nanny make better videos on a daily basis than this. The voices are clearly dubbed and the backgrounds are clearly computer-generated. It is easy to tell just by watching the film that the actors in it did not know what the film they were making was about. In fact, in an interview one of the actresses explained that she found an ad for the job on Craig’s List for a movie entitled “Desert Warrior”. Sam Bacile’s deception fooled his whole cast and the actors who came after the shooting of the film to do voiceovers. This movie would not have gained any popularity had it actually been the film “Desert Warrior” because of its lack of plot, production and artistry. The only reason it has become so popular is because of all the violence and controversy it has caused.

Secondly, consider this: Why do you think a film like this was ever created? Because of the poor quality and the secrecy of this film, I think that the only reason it was made was to strike up a controversy. And it was very successful in doing so. By fighting fire with fire, we are just fueling the hate that Nakoula wanted to strike up in all of us in the first place.

Another fact I want to point out is that this movie was created essentially by one man. All Christians were not behind Nakoula in the making of this film and do not all share the same views as he does. Similarly, not all Americans share these views either. When someone nobody around us knows does something far away that offends us it is easy to forget his or her name but remember his or her affiliations. But it is not fair to those affiliations because oftentimes the members of those groups do not share the same views as the person acting out. Nakoula was not acting on behalf of all Christians and he for sure was not acting on behalf of all Americans; after all, there are over 2.5 million Muslims living in America today. So it is unnecessary to be attacking the Obama administration and US Embassies for the actions of one man who happens to be from America.

Lastly, I would like to ask everyone to take a step back and look at what is happening to try to “solve” this problem. Violence, killings, attacks all over the world. Is this the best our problem-solving skills can come up with? The two affiliated religions, Christianity and Islam, both believe in the same God. And Jesus and Muhammad alike preached forgiveness. These peace-seeking religions are warring because of a thirteen-minute trailer of a low-budget film that one man produced. That does not make much sense to me. As I said before, I believe that Muslims have a right to be upset about the film, but this is ridiculous. What Would Jesus Do? What Would Mohammad Do? These strong figures guide our religions to love our neighbors and our enemies alike, and to forgive others and promote peace. I am fairly confident that neither of them would choose violence in this situation. So why are we?

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