Religion Rundown

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This week in news:
I “mustache” you a question… Did you hear about the Sikh woman who doesn’t shave? This mustached woman comes out to the Huffington Post and explains how her faith influences her appearance.
The Dalai Lama will be touring the United States from October 8th- October 21st. If you want tickets to his events, please visit his website.
Urine a lot of trouble, boys. Two Egyptian boys were released from custody this week. The Christian boys were accused of tearing up the Koran and urinating on it. No word on what kind of deal was reached.
China vs. Self-Immolation: Since 2009, a group of Tibetan protests has supported the self-immolation of over 50 people. On October 3rd, the Chinese government has sentenced four of these protestors seven-eleven years in prison. News of self-immolation and the government crackdown on it have gone mostly unreported throughout China.
Everyone has been talking about the Dalai Lama’s chair this week. Just to let you know, you can purchase your own custom-made Dalai Lama chair—for only $8,000!

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