Religion Rundown : October 7th-12th

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Star Oct 7Th, 2012 page A7

Title-Five extradited from Britain enter U.S. courts for first time.

Five man were extradited from Britain that are extreme Islamist. Attracting men for the terrorists cause to commit bombings and training camps. The leader is Cleric Abu Hamza al-Masrin turned the Finsbury Park mosque in the 1990s into an Islamic training ground to train people to carry out attacks in the name of religion. He  was sent from London to New York to begin court proceedings on him and 4 other men who plotted with him.

New York Times-International section

Sunday Oct. 7th

page 15

Transgender Malaysians Challenge religious laws.

Four transgender people are tired of living in fear and it is the first legal challenge of the to act dress or be as the choice. Malaysians a muslin where homosexual acts are banned and are punishable by canning as mush as 20 years in prison. There are possibly 9.5 million transgender people across the  Asia-Pacific region who are HIV positive. If the court rules in their favor it would mean that transgender people could no longer be arrested for cross dressing.

What it Feels Like When Someone Sets Fire to Your Place of Worship

Randolph Linn 52 years old has been charge with federal criminal hate crimes for arson at the Islamic Center of Greater Toledo in Northwest Ohio.

The Duke of Zhou: The man who was Confucius’s hero

Duke of Zhou, probably the first real person to over come the hold that myth had on Chinese history.

“Everyone including Confucius Himself always said: ‘The Duke of Zhou is my hero, he really set up the Foundation, particularity the cultural foundation of china,” says Tao.


The story behind the Dalai Lama’s chair

Stickley furniture company made a chair three times the normal size for the Dalai-Lama to sit in while visit University of Buffalo, NY. He sits with his legs crossed under him and the chair allows for that while other standard chairs do not. For $8000.00 any person can also have a Dalai-Lama chair. Stickley is offering it to all people.

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