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This weeks religious rundown:

  • Crowds of Muslims torched and destroyed more than a dozen temples in southeast Bangladesh on Wednesday. They left many Buddhist anxious about the coming of more violence as they attempt to call for peace. The government has tried to reassure the Buddhist that they have the government’s protection from these riots, but some do not seem convinced. They describe a sense of fear that persists after these attacks, but how could it not? One of the hardest things can be stepping outside again after these heinous attacks.
  • A Buddhist monk shares his travels of a 43-mile bike ride as a part of a two-year bicycle journey that started in April. The monk says that he anticipates completing his journey that started in Vancouver, Canada and progressed through the U.S. and finally will end up in South America. Sunim, a teacher in his Buddhist temple wanted to “experience life.” I find it interesting that this Buddhist monk had never ridden I bicycle before, and spoke no English…he has traveled a long way, but has a long way to go!
  • Chinese authorities were reported killing a Tibetan man for attempting to set himself on fire in a protest against Chinas continued occupation of Tibet. Dorjee Rabten, 57, was murdered in Siling city, where he had gone for a medical check-up. Since 2009, Tibet has experienced 54 Tibetan set them on fire for the same reason. One has to wonder how long this will go on before things end.
  • “If we speak the truth, they will beat us to death” says a disguised voice behind the Chinese military lockdown in Tibet. The women, an undercover reporter from a region near Ngaba in eastern Tibet, reports on the story of Tibetans who have no rights, and are literally being beaten to death for speaking out about the events happening. No one should ever have to go through this type of torture of having his or her rights striped away and live in constant fear.
  • The Dalai Lama began his six State U.S. visit on Monday. He is expected to travel across six states while giving public talks and teachings to the American public. Ironically, his first appearance was at Syracuse University in New York, where one of my best friends is studying. He will participate in a panel discussion about ‘Shifting the Global Consciousness’ with Shirin Ebadi and Martin Luther King III.

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