Religion Rundown

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The Dalai Lama does not want people to be generalizing those whom belong to the Islam religion; one of the greatest monk said, (when refering to the 9/11 terrorists attacks), “Due to some mischievous action or destructive action carried out by some mischievous Muslims, due to that, to generalize the whole of Islam as something negative is totally unfair, unjust,” Now the Dalai Lama will be in the US to talk about some of his favorite themes.


Ivory was ban in 1989 but for religious purposes people use them for carvings in multiple religious cultures. For the Buddhist their carvings are very popular, also the Ivory carvings are valuable for the Buddhist culture.


The video “The Innocence of Muslims” has caused many conteroversies, saying that is a disrepect and attack to muslims, it makes fun of the Prophet Mohammad and shows other hurtful things.


Women who are not married in the Islam culture are risking of getting punished, many women end up in forced marriages but those who are going to be punished.


Muslim men who dress up as women are being arrested for not being what they should be, a new law is trying to be send that ban men from dressing up like womens, but those who do it are against it saying that they have thier right to it.


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