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Syria has been the forefront of conflict in the Middle East for almost 18 months now. The main controversy is a civil war that broke out in March of 2011 between a Syrian rebel group and Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime. It is feared that this conflict will expand past the borders of Syria into its neighboring countries. This fear came to reality on October third, when Syria reined mortar fire across the border into Turkey killing two women and three children. Since that initial bombing on October third there has not been a day without these two countries exchanged artillery fire.

This recent spread of the conflict from Syrian to the border of Turkey has brought up a lot controversy regarding the decisions of the United Nations and also the defense measures that Turkey will take. The United Nations is receiving a hard time because before the attacks on the border happened; Turkey had planned to help the refugees of Syria by building camps to house up to 100,000 refugees. According to Time magazine, In August of this year Turkey had asked the United Nations when they start to get close to their max capacity, if they could start to make safe zones in the Syrian rebel territory. With the United Nations not giving a response or help to a country who has just been drug into a civil war that they clearly do not belong in is not right. If any country who has been a bystander in a war, all the sudden starts to get attacked over the border, UN should go into action to try and keep the Syrian conflict contained and don’t allow any countries to be brought into it.

Along with the struggles that Turkey and the United Nations have with the Syrian conflict. It was found out that Russia had been supplying Bashar Assad’s regime with weapons. Along with that, The Huffington Post says that Russia not only supplied Syria with weapons but also blocked the United Nation from making a strong, punitive action against the Syrian president’s regime. In July of this year, it was said that Russia had refused to sign a new weapons contract with Syria. With Russia not supporting the Syrian president’s regime, along with the UN continuing to try and resolve this conflict happening should hopefully bring this unrest in the Middle East to an end.

Syria not officially being a dictatorship is what started this whole conflict, when the current president was given power through his father, the former president of Syria. Also, the “Free Syrian Army” is what the rebels call themselves. With a name like this, I feel someone should intervene in this war because if a country is fighting for its freedom from a presidency that went to dictatorship, they shouldn’t be at it alone. But the main goal that should be in place right now, should be to contain this civil war in Syria and don’t let any other surrounding countries be fired upon or drug into the war.


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