A Vicious Cycle

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It would be surprising if you haven’t heard the news recently about all that is happening in the Middle East. In the most recent events there have been problems with temples being destroyed and even further back the attack on the embassy. Now more controversy is happening between Muslims and other people, or religions, around the world. In Egypt and the United States there has been a push for religions to control their populations and stem the flowing tide of problems. Egypt’s government recently demanded the arrest of the seven men that made the video which instigated the attacks. One of the religious leaders in America is quoted as saying “We cannot allow the actions of a few deceived fanatical individuals to define our communities”1. This is true across the board. A large effort is being made by people across the world to solve the religious disputes. This is more of an effort in other places too. It can’t just come from the religions telling their people to stop committing bad acts, or anyone controlling them. Some of it has to be world consciousness about other peoples races and religion. We cannot sit back and put all the blame on a group of people because of how they acted, if they acted when being provoked. This is why Muslims have pleaded with the UN for years about blasphemy laws. All the way back in 1998 a group of 57 countries have been asking for a law which would ban any blasphemous speech or representations of religious figures. Up until 2011 they have been unsuccessful in obtaining this law. Recently the leader in one of these 57 countries said they would stop pursuing the law but asked that countries make “hate-speech laws”2. It was even more interesting to note that the people trying to get religions to control their people are from the same country that didn’t vote for the blasphemy ban. There was even a vote no from many of the European countries as well. This is a major problem in dealing with these issues. Many in the world are trying to solve the problem, making laws, or proposing ideas. It is a vicious cycle that goes like this: idea is proposed, larger countries vote no, someone in larger country attacks religion, people in the religion retaliate, news spreads that religion is hostile, large country tries to contain violence by disposing of attacking object, religion posts idea again, etc. This seems to be how it goes for years on end until it gets to be too big to handle by laws alone.
So I propose this. People need to be mindful of what a religion accepts and what it does not. They need to understand that some cultures do not view everything the same way we in America do, or the way Europeans do, or any other country. Knowing these things you make sure that what is going in and out of your country is acceptable. This needs to be done on the web too. Across the web there are attacks towards every religion, race, gender, and sexual orientation. This needs to be dealt with by the people on the sites. The problem is many people find it funny to attack these things and do nothing to stop it, and those that do stop it are told to leave if they don’t like it. Unless we stop seeing the comedy in attacks we will not fix anything.


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