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Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to my third and final blog! This one I like to call the Religion Rundown. It’s pretty basic, I will simply discuss some of the major religious news stories that have been in the media this week and let you know my thoughts, as well as emphasize the heart of this issue. This should be a blast so let us dive right in!
One issue on Wednesday really caught me by surprise. It is a story of a teacher in Egypt that cut two female students hair because they refused to wear a Muslim headscarf. Both these girls were Christian and refused to put on the headscarf after being warned multiple times. Living in another country you, for the most part, need to follow that countries customs, yet to me this seemed a little extreme. With Egypt in somewhat of a chaotic state right now due to the recent overthrow of the government some Islamic conservatives seem to be emboldened, mainly by the recent success of the Muslim Brotherhood. The craziest part of this story was a quote by Ziad Abdel Tawab who works at the Cairo Institute for Human Rights, “Whether in schools or outside schools, the general sentiment is that any abusive action, if it is justified as protection of Islam, is tolerable,” he said. To me I believe this issue boils down to a country trying to find its identity, as well as what is expected of its citizens.
Another article I found was one about a woman who was arrested for spray-painting over anti-Muslim ads in the New York City subway tunnels. These ads were allowed to stay because the right to free speech protected them. Ask any of my close friends or family and they will tell you that I am an American through and through, and this act is one that disgusts me. Everyone has the right to their own opinion and have the right to speak it, which raises the question “why is what this woman did not protected by the right to protest. She did spray paint public property, which is illegal, but arresting her and letting the media blow it out of proportion because she is a Muslim is simply sad. The heart of this issue is that Americans seem to have a prejudice against Muslims.
A more light-hearted story I found was one about the Dalai Lama. A closing comment on Wednesday by the Dalai Lama was mistaken for profanity by the person transcribing his remarks for closed captioning at a speech on peace. Apparently the Lama was talking about his ideas with those who found them interesting and if they did not, he said, they could “forget”. This was written as an expletive, which I am sure you can decipher. I found this story pretty funny, yet it seems that the media just needed more to write about.
Bodhisattva’s is a topic that we’ve talked about recently and I just so happened to find an article about it and its meditation practices. It talks about the techniques used and how intense it can be. Really interesting stuff, and I believe this story is simply trying to get more people to understand the Buddhist religion.
The last article I found was the one I found most interesting and entertaining. It was a scientific study about brain activity during prayer. It would take to long to explain so I will post a video about it. I feel the heart of this issue is that science has become such a big part of our society that people want science to help validate their religion. I would love to hear what you think about it and if you enjoyed it as much as I did.

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