Religion Rundown

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Oct. 14th- On the morning of the 14th, and evangelical pastor living near New Delhi, India was brutally beaten by Hindu extremists, along with members of his family. It was reported that he and his family was beaten with a steel bucket along with rods. The pastor required 18 stitches, no arrests have currently been made.

Oct. 20th- The moderator of the Church of Scotland came out to say that parents should not force their kids to go to church. Rev. Albert Bogle believes that it is counter-productive to make kids sit through sermons that they won’t listen to. This stance is very interesting, because it is more or less saying that people choose their god, not God choosing you.

Oct. 18th- Kountze High School (Texas) cheerleaders were fighting to be able to put bible verses on banners at football games. The Freedom From Religion Foundation argued against the banners, but Judge Steve Thomas overturned the complaints and let the cheerleaders could use the religious banners based off of their freedom of speech.

Oct. 18th- 30 to 40 men linked with Al-Qaeda destroyed tombs/mausoleums with picks and axes in Timbuktu. Their reasoning for these actions was to destroy false idols, which they claim these mausoleums were. Their actions were complete taking less than an hour, leaving only behind a pile of rubble.

Oct. 17th- Mexican officials a leader of a cult that is against secular education. Cardenas Cruz Salgado was detained Oct. 17th for leading the destruction of public schools in Nueva Jerusalen last July. This cult also believes that they will be the only ones saved in the coming apocalypse, base off of a couple of rules they follow, read her to learn more:


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