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Early this October, news rang out across the world of the beautiful, 14 year-old Malala from Pakistan was shot in the head by the Pakistani-Taliban (TTP). The shot did not kill and she was rushed to the UK for medical attention.

Some TTP militants have told the Pakistani media a few days back that if Malala survives, they would attack her again. Why is Malala such a threat? Malala was nominated for the International Children’s Peace Prize in 2011 for a blog she wrote under a pseudonym for the BBC. In the blog, she revealed life in the Swat Valley under the brutal and oppressive rule of the local faction of the Pakistani Taliban, who carried out public floggings, hung dead bodies in the streets, and banned education for girls. She also won the National Peace Prize in Pakistan, and was honored with a school named after her. She quickly became a voice of criticism against the work of the Taliban in Pakistan and a public advocate for peace.

Her pro-western views and respect for Obama as an ideal leader threatened the Taliban and their goals for Pakistan. Violence seems to be the answer to all of their problems, and Malala was no different. She was put on their hit list in early 2011, and action was taken over a year later outside of her high school. Her death would be a symbol to others that they would not allow this behavior from women, scaring all of the other girls to obey the ban on education.

I am sure that they wanted to quiet her loud voice, and make a statement to the community that she was influencing. What they didn’t expect was for the whole world to rally with Malala and fight the Taliban through support of her courageous acts. The Taliban is under watch from all sides, and people in Pakistan feel eyes of the world on them, giving them hope and reducing the fear they have from the Taliban that makes them respect their laws. Turmoil has arisen from this shot, instead of cooperativeness that the Taliban had wanted.

This act also continues to put a negative connotation on the religion Islam. Extremist groups are the only people getting international media attention, thus making outsiders only aware of how these extremist militant groups function. Islamaphobia I believe is not being suppressed; this act has just made more enemies against the TTP and other extremist groups in the Middle East.

I don’t think that this was a smart move from Taliban leaders and that those in the TTP should have kept these acts under control. Worldwide attention such as this does not help the TTP take power over the people of Pakistan because few people outside of this area will support their actions, thus they are going to lose power because other countries may step into fight against them.

Malala keep fighting for peace and justice. You are an inspiration to many, and are a voice in the light of darkness.

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