Critical Commentary-The Marriage Amendment

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 On October 26th, an article was published by Beth Hawkins on the MinnPost website titled, “Marriage ad unfairly links amendment to school curriculum issue.” In the article, Hawkins explains about a group compaining in favor of an amendment banning same-sex marriage, airing a TV ad stating, “If gay marriage happens here, schools could teach that boys could marry boys.” The ad features a couple out of Massachusetts, David and Tonia Parker, whose son was apparently taught redefined marriage in a school he attended. Parker says, “If marriage is redefined in Minnesota, same-sex marriage could be taught in local schools, just as it was in Massachusetts. Don’t make the same mistake the same mistake and think that gay marriage won’t affect you.” With this being said, it could easily cause problems with many Minnesotans who only believe in marriage between one man and one woman.

The amendment affects not only the human population but the church as well. “It puts parents and pastors in a difficult situation when they teach the truth of marriage at home and in the church, but then they are taught something entirely different at school.” Children in schools throughout Massachusetts are exposed to materials displaying many different kinds of families such as two mothers, two fathers, kids in foster care, children raised by their grandparents, interracial families, and single parents families. The biggest concern of the Parker’s was of course the two mother or two father families however, the materials displaying these families doesn’t go to show same-sex marriages, it’s supposed to display who may be in a family-the people you love the most. Family’s such as the Parker family feel that what schools are teaching to young children about same-sex marriage is contrary to some kids parents’ religious beliefs and faith.

Of course everyone has their own beliefs and opinions on the marriage amendment, but is it right that the church doesn’t accept gays and lesbians around the world? People believe that same-sex marriage violates human rights. People all over the world, lesbians, gays, bisexual, and transgender are persecuted. Each and every one of them face torture and violence. Leaders of major Christian denominations state,

“We affirm the love of God for all people, whatever their sexual orientation, and our conviction that sexuality is an important part of human beings as created by God, so that to reject people on the grounds of their sexual behaviour is a denial of God’s creation.”

Should the position of same-sex marriage be put beyond the church’s doubt? It seems that gays, lesbians, bisexual, and transgender are all going to stand up for themselves and to the beliefs they feel are right. Whether the amendment passes or not is not going to change who one loves.

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