Religion Rundown

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  • Algerian terrorist Ahmed Ressem has been sentenced to 37 years in jail after plotting to bomb the Angeles airport at the turn of the millennium. Being a part of the Islam extremist group, Al-Qaeda, Ressem is “Against killing innocent people of any gender, color or religion. I apologize for my actions.” He says he was doing it for his faith in his religion.


  • Victory of tolerance in Bosnia when first woman Muslim mayor of a city has been elected. Many people in Europe wanted to ban the hajib, they were denied. Amra Babic may be the only Muslim woman mayor in all of Europe.

  • “Islam orders us to help them without discriminating between religion, cast or creed” U.S.-labeled terrorist Hafiz Mohammed Saeed says about helping hurricane Sandy victims. The United States, however, turned his assistance down.

  • Mohammed Mursi, president  of Egypt, tried interpret and define a verse from the holy Quran in a speech. He was mistaken and met with criticism about the verse. A group which aligns itself with Egypt’s al-Azhar mosque said: “ [Mursi] explained the verse according to his mood,” and also adding that he had misunderstood  the verse.

  • Ancient temple uncovered in Bali, Indonesia. Archaeologist Wayan Swantika believes that they “may have uncovered the largest temple in Indonesia.” What is believed to be the foundation of the ancient Hindu temple is 57 meters long. The temple is believed to be built anywhere between the 13th and 15th centuries.

-Scott Williams

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