Religion Rundown Nov. 2

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  1. Hindu perspective of the Hurricane Sandy and it’s relation to their faith.  In the Bhagavad GIta there is a story concerning a village that was devastated by a storm similar to hurricane Sandy.  Now I know why he is called “the lifter of the hill.”  It is also weird because Kartik is a sacred month that started on the 31st and that is the first day the hurricane hit.  Coincidence?  

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  2. Protests in Ethiopia rise over violent protests centered around Islam extremists.  The defenders of the extremists claim that the government detained them because of their religion.  While to some this may seem possible, the Prime Minister said that Oct. 16 that he doesn’t have a problem with freedom of religion, except when it gets mixed into politics.  

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  3. First Hindu in Congress!  Where is she from?  Hawaii!  Tulsi Gabbard is posed to win a seat in Congress over her Republican opponent.  The latest polls from Oct.12 stated she had roughly 70% and her opponent had 18%.  Unfortunately, many people in Congress are against her because of her religion.  One of the members of Congress even had this to say.  “This is not what the founding fathers had in mind.”  Even though they wanted secularism.  


  4. Egyptian Islam extremists call for sharia Islamic Law.  Protests in Egypt rise as a group of 100 extremists call for sharia Islamic law to be the only law in Egypt.  Liberals have a very strong hold over Egypt and these protests have not been violent or inconvenient for the average citizen.  These protests have actually beenless than expected.  


  5. Inda nationalist group insists that the cricket games with Pakistan be canceled.  In 2006, there was a bombing in Mumbai that resulted in the death of 166 people and only seven people have been charged with planning the bombing.  The nationalist group claims that to play against Pakistan would be betraying their own country. 


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