Cultural Arts Review: Muhammad Walks: Lupe Fiasco

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Cultural Arts Review: Muhammad Walks: Lupe Fiasco

Hey, my names Jake Beyer, and I am doing a cultural arts review on the Song Muhammad Walks, by Lupe Fiasco. This is a remix of the well-known rap song Jesus walks by Kanye West. This song has prayers in Arabic, Arabic words and phrases, but it mostly consists of English lyrics. The Arabic prayers spoken in the song give both praise to Allah himself and his prophets of the Christian, Jewish, and Muslim faiths. The first verse of the song is in Arabic that is said by Muslims before they do many different tasks, it’s translation is: I seek refuge in Allah from the Devil. In the name of Allah. The Beneficial, The Merciful. And it following by Allahu Akbar which is the beginning of the call to prayer meaning God is the greatest. Another example of this is the phrase Ash-had an la ilaha illa llahwhich means that “I testify that there is no other deity worthy of worship other than Allah.” Other than the Arabic prayers and phrases there are the English Verses, The first verse of song brings the message that Osama and Saddam are not the leaders of the Islamic religion and though that group of people were muslims, the whole muslim world should not be classified into that one group. It also says that we all initially have the same god, but some different beliefs and it all comes down to the fact that through all of our faiths, we are just trying to banish the devil out of our lives by using a couple of God’s own quotes and applying them to our lives. the Last verse of the song is about the struggle that Muslims have keeping their faith in a time where they are discriminated against due to the acts of a few groups of people who are also practiced Muslims. It also says that the most forgiving (God) will forgive as long as you repent, and that you should keep up with your prayers, give to charity, and practice reading the Qu’ran. Another message Lupe brings up a couple times in this song is that he is not going to make a profit off of the words of the prophet’s, meaning that he is going to make the song’s message free for everyone to hear. All in all the main focus of the song is to bring light on the facts that Muslims are not so different than Christians and Jew’s in respect to their beliefs in a single god and that Muslims should not all be classified as the group who committed 9/11. Thank you for your time, and keep updated with this blog for more Islamic news and posts.

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