Religion Rundown – 11/5/12

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Religion Rundown for November 5th, 2012

by Logan Peymann


A statue of Buddha as a baby is to be installed at Lumbini, which is told to be the birthplace of the Buddha.  Lumbini is located in Nepal, which is found in the Himalayas.  This 3.55 meter tall statue (about 11.65 feet) is to be placed in the Lumbini Garden.

This article posted below from the Bangkok Post is about a finishing touch to the Lumbini Gardens.  Recently they’ve been doing remodeling to the gardens but are in the process of fundraising for the final touch.  The people feel this needs to be done because “The Lumbini development is not only for Buddhists, but for everyone who wishes for peace and happiness” says the vice-chairmen of the Lumbini development project.

I agree with this statement because many people visit these landmarks and on their visit I imagine many feel a sense of peace and happiness after their visit.


Forty-three year old, African-American man, Saadiq Long, attempted to fly from Qutar to Oklahoma to visit his ill mother but was denied.  Long was a 10 year Veteran of the US Air Force born in the United States and could not return to his home-land to see his mother, who suffers from congestive heart failure.  Long has searched for the reason behind his denial but has yet to find the answer.  He hasn’t been convicted of any crimes or been indicted or charged with any crimes, yet has been placed on the “no fly list”.

“I don’t understand how the government can take away my right to travel without even telling me,” Long said.

This quote is true for several cases similar to Long’s story.  Westerners view the Muslim community as dangerous and violent, which is most likely the reason for his denial to fly U.S. airlines.  I believe this is wrong, however it is difficult to find the line between being too protective from terrorists and not protecting the U.S. enough.  The problem I have with this case is the fact that he wasn’t informed of this and is not given a reason.  When it comes to the line of U.S. protection it is always going to lean towards the safer route, not the friendliest.


In this short article, posted below in a link, students from the Muslim Student Association speak of their efforts to raise awareness of the misconceptions of the Islamic community.  This University of Kansas news article speaks of the issue of Islamic misunderstandings and how they created an awareness week on their University of Kansas campus.

This topic is true and serious.  There are many misconceptions that all of the Islamic community is the same, which is generally a negative perception.  There are extreme Islamists who place negative labels on others however not all Islamists are alike.  This is the true for other communities as well.


In a recent study conducted by the University of Wisconsin, tests were placed on Tibetan Monk, Matthieu Ricard holds the “happiest man” label as he recorded the highest levels of anyone else tested.  Ricard, who is also a molecular geneticist, produced the highest levels of gamma waves, which are associated with consciousness, memory, attention and learning.

“Try sincerely to check, to investigate,” he said. “That’s what Buddhism has been trying to unravel — the mechanism of happiness and suffering. It is a science of the mind.”

This is what Ricard says in the closing of this article (linked below).  I believe the check and investigate means that we must “check” into our beliefs to see what we are passionate about and then “investigate” how we can improve it.


The Diwali, a commonly practiced Hindu tradition will be starting on November 11th and continue through the 5th.  This five-day celebration, also known as the festival of lights, is an Indian tradition to celebrate the good over the evil and the light over the dark.

All in all, this festival is intended to find the inner light and is a pretty big deal in the Indian community.  This festival will likely be seen in the news more as the week goes on and the festival approaches.


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