Relgion Rundown

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Laurel Krebsbach

After elections congress has added its first Hindu and Buddhist senator. Tulsi Gabbard is a Hindu democrat from Hawaii. She is popular among Hindu’s for exposing her Hindu religion while campaigning. She hopes to strengthen the tie between US and India. Mazie Hirono doesn’t practice Buddhism daily, but believes in the religion.

This is a video and article account on California parents from the town of Encinitas getting upset that yoga is being taught in classrooms because of it being religiously affiliated with Hinduism. Some parents have gone as far as to take their child out of the yoga classes.

On the outskirts of Karachi, Pakistan a Hindu temple was attacked. Religious icons were smashed and pistils were flashed at the Hindu people. Local Muslim residents blamed the attack on a nearby ethnic Pashtun village. Hindu is a minority religion here and many fear for their life’s for they are constantly being attacked.

Artist in Eastern India are painting roadside trees with stories from Hindu epics to help save the trees. The artists believe that the artwork will keep religious people from cutting down the trees for it would be bad luck to cause harm to artwork with deities on it.

In southern Egypt a teacher was convicted of child abuse after she cut two girls hair at school because they did not wear their Muslim headscarf. The teacher says that she asked the girls repeatedly to put their headscarf on and that the other students encouraged her to cut their hair.

Muslims are trying to leave Burma as the crisis starts to unravel more. At least 130 people tried to board a boat in the Bay of Bengal to escape the violence in Burma, but the boat capsized killing many aboard. There is a lack of hope here for when the conflict is going to end.


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