Religion Rundown 11/16/2012

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Cries for help in the form of more troops to keep the peace in Rhakine in the wake of Buddhist-Muslim violence. Over ninety dead and two thousand homes destroyed in the past month gives weight to pleas.


Constitutional article VI upheld as a religiously diverse group of individuals win election races to house, senate and congress positions. A practicing Hindu, a Buddhist, and two atheists all were elected to government positions in the most recent election, which in the past would have been a fairly radical event. While this could now be coined a “win” for their respective beliefs, all four would prefer it just didn’t matter.


India’s biggest holiday of the year, Diwali, is a five-day festival in honor of the victory of good over evil. Family gatherings, celebrated with food and music make up what is known by many as the “Festival of Lights”. Good’s triumph for evil? What’s not to celebrate?



New Hindu lunar calendar means Happy New Year (or era, as the Vikram era 2069 kicks off)! New year occurs along with Diwali, and the lunar calendar is the reason for the relative movement of Hindu holidays as far as time of year.


Pair of self-immolations, teenage boy and twenty three year old woman, in Tibet brings the week total into double digits.



In response to the Dalai Llama’s claims that China wasn’t seriously looking into reason of immolations, Chinese foreign officials accuse Llama of glorifying the acts of protest.

“China has confirmed some of the self immolations, but not all”. Verifications of the actual number of immolations are difficult due to ban on foreign media. Could be less, but could be more.



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