Religion rundown 11/13-11/19

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Religion rundown 11/12-11/18
11/13 – Egyptian government is now taking precautionary measures in protecting the famous Pyramids of Giza and great Sphinx after Al-Gohary, an Islamist leader and former member of the Taliban, urged Muslims to destroy the idols in Egypt on Islamic television Saturday.
11/17 – Syrian government and rebels continue to fight. Rebels have captured a military airbase near the Iraqi border. This capture was said to happen right at the brink of Turkey asking NATO for missile support to protect its borders. It is said with the capture of this base it will give strength to the rebel group that has been a part of a civil war that has killed 38,000 since it began early laast year.
11/18 Iran holds Peace conference in hopes to conclude the conflict that has torn apart Syria. It is estimated that 200 Syrian and regional politicians gathered in Tehran to discuss a possible end to the violence in this peace conference with the motto “No to violence, yes to democracy.”
11/18 –Israel and Palestine exchange have been exchanging fire for the past five days. Hamas the Palestinian militant group wants to cease fire after an airstrike from Israel killed a family of 10 leaving a large crater where their house used to be. Israel come back with the argument that Palestine has fired over 150 rockets into Israel in a single day.
11/19 – For the sixth day now the Gaza strip has been under fire. While the death toll continues to grow, so do the talks to urge cease-fire from both Israel and Palestine. The Israeli airstrikes and Palestinian rockets are said to have kill 100 people today, and with a thin line between each sides militants and

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