Religious Rundown 11/10 – 11/21

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Six Tibetans drank gasoline and set themselves on fire the day before Beijing opened its party conference. Sangay said, “Self-immolators are telling the Chinese government that repression is unbearable. They are saying,’We grew up under under your system, we are supposedly the primary beneficiaries of whatever you are doing in Tibet, and it’s not good; it’s not worth living under the system.'”


Indian Hindu extremist leader, Bal Thackeray, died at 86 of Cardio-Respitory Arrest. He was linked to Anti-Muslim violence in India.


A power outage sparked a stampede during India’s most common religious festival, Chhath Puja Festival, and killed 17.

11/20/2012: A Jewish man from Israel and a Muslim man from Paelstine held signs reading, “Why can’t we all get along?” in Midtown Manhattan.



Jews and Muslims joins one another to help feed the homeless for Thanksgiving even though there’s still violence going on in the Middle East.

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