Religion Rundown

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11/19  Along with Muslims, Christians, and Jews Congress is flourishing in diversity, as Tulsi Gabbard becomes the first Hindu elected; there is no religious service necessary before entering Congress but Gabbard feels so connected and strongly about her Hindu religion that she said it was a must and also she believes it will benefit the nation to learn a little bit more about the unknown Bhagavad Gita, which is her main sacred text.


11/20  Rimsha Masih, a Pakistani Christian whose charges were dropped after she was seen burning the holy Qur’an; Rimsha is one of few who are lucky enough to be released in a strict religious country with harsh laws to abide by but with suspicion of her having Down Syndrome and the lack of evidence, they couldn’t imprison her anymore.


11/19 At Wat Pho, one of Thailand’s most remote temples, Obama and Hilary Clinton parade around discussing good merit and karma with the head senior monk who prays for another successful four more years ahead of them.



11/21 Jews and Muslims join together to help other less fortunate on the days surrounding Thanksgiving.  The Franklin Park event as it’s called has more than 17 volunteer opportunities for Jews and Muslims alone to set aside their differences and help others that need it more than they do.  Both Religions want to solve their issues and wish for world peace in the Middle East.



            11/24 In Pakistan, seven Shia Muslisms left dead from bombing near a procession; this entire happening was over their holy month of Muharram, which is the month in which Muhammad’s grandson died.



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