Religion Rundown

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Zachary Brown

Religion Rundown



                “A group of US Muslim women is working to save marriages through Islamic teachings”

I feel that in this article, they focus on the wellbeing of a marriage thought Muslim rules to help guide the wife and family in a better direction.


                Muharram is a time where there is o violence and with this article I felt that it explained that this is a time when attacks are being made on these religious groups.

3.)  (VIDEO)

                In this video, I feel that the important of it was showing the different religious based attacks my militia groups.


                In this article it talks about how Muslims in the United States and how they are discriminated against. So they are trying to deal with the newly forming anti-Muslim groups


                In this article, it portrays Muslims as people who are companionate and justice. With a female burning some Karan words on accident, some extremists wanted death but with the religion in more of a mild state show love and companion for all others.


                The anti-Islam film “Innocence of Muslims” stirred up a lot of protest in the Muslim community.




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