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Ben Elvestrom & Spencer Batalden

The select groups of radical Muslims that terrorize targeted countries and communities have created scary stereotypes that follow Islam around the world. Some news stations, whether intentional or not, portray Muslims as aggressive and hostile. For example, I searched “Muslims in the news” into Google Images and the first three results were as follows…

Although the vast majority of Muslims around the world are peaceful, the violent few have earned Muslims an unbelievably bad reputation. People see these reports and make quick associations between violence and Islam. The false perceptions hide the real occurrences involving the Muslim majority. However, Spencer and I will open your eyes to a current issue that shows Muslims as the terrorized, not the terrorists.


For nearly three years, the Rohingya Muslims in Western Myanmar and Bangladesh have been persecuted and abused by the Rhakine Buddhists. In fact, the Rohingya are not even legal citizens in Myanmar or Bangladesh because they are denied of their rights. Instead, the Muslims are forced to flee; taking refuge in camps and on boats out at sea. They are without passports, education, jobs, and even health care. Finally, after months of turmoil and violence, reporters have taken notice. The tragedies have snagged the media’s attention. After sifting through history, reporters have discovered how perilous this situation is. As the stories continue to pour out, writers and news stations become more sympathetic and upset. It has taken three full years for the Rohingya Muslims to receive aid of any kind.

Now, the conflict in Myanmar has gained so much attention that even President Barack Obama made a visit to the suffering region. Relief organizations are planning out how to help the Muslims and pull them out of despair. Hopefully, we can draw some noteworthy points from the tragedies. We must realize that even though a very small number of Muslims are aggressive and hostile. The overwhelming majority of Muslims are good people and they do not deserve to have their reputations, faith and pride continually bashed in the news. Also, in a more general view, the news should focus on important stories like the conflict between the Rhakine Buddhists and the Rohingya Muslims. Occurrences of this magnitude should not sit untouched and unnoticed for three years. This is a situation that should have been taken care of years ago.

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