Tibet VS. China: An intense Battle.

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The conflict between China and Tibet has been going on for quite a while now. Both China and Tibet have their own say in who is right and who is wrong. China feels as if they have the power to take over anything, for instance the government gave three reasons on why they decided to take over Tibet. These three reasons were given in a peace talk that happened with the Dalai Lama and the Chinese government. The Chinese government said that the first reason was because this fight over territory has been going on since both were part of the Kublai Khan’s empire. This empire fell in the year 1294 but China says that this empire never “legally” fell, thus making Tibet part of China. The second reason is because China thinks that the can help Tibet in a religious changing way. China says that Tibetans need Chinese religion and that in order to maintain a successful and balanced society, the Chinese need to step in. China also wants to prevent Buddhism from spreading even more. Buddhism is extremely opposed in China, which is one of the factors on why China exiled the Dalai Lama. The third reason is because the Chinese government knew that soon China will be very over populated. In the year 1949 China was well aware of an overpopulation of most big cities. China said that if Tibet were to become part of China, there will be more room for newer cities. In our opinion these reasons are very dim and they shouldn’t be implied to Tibet. We say this because Tibet has its own religion and culture; China wants to completely turn Tibet into a Chinese ridden land. We believe that Tibet should keep its own culture and religion.

Tibet has their own point of view, but China just ignores what they say and continue on with their lives. Tibetans don’t like the laws that limit human rights for Tibetans or the laws that limit the Tibetan culture. These laws are meant to destroy the Tibetan culture as well as turn Tibet into a Chinese filled land. China exiled the Tibetan government; this ticked them off because it’s basically turning Tibet into something that they don’t want to be. We think that Tibet should keep their culture and religion because who is China to take it away? In the media we saw that the Dalai Lama said that Tibet should be free from the grasps of China, Buddhism is important to Tibetan people. The Dalai Lama said “No culture means no Tibet.”

The language in most of these articles that we read is very demanding towards the freedom of Tibet. We all realize that China isn’t doing the correct thing. For example a common word used was “should free” these words represent the whole idea of what Tibetans want and also what we belief in. Tibet wants their freedom and we think they should have it because all humans have their right to be free. Another example would be the use of question marks when referring to the self immolations, what this means is that everyone would question why they would act like this but it is in their frustration to see that they are being taken over that they would protest against China.

There have been solutions proposed by the United Nations to stop with the conflict of China and Tibet. The United nations have taken the side of Tibet and have done all they can to help; they first started with the Seventeen Point Agreement for the Peaceful Liberation of Tibet, and then they did a calling to china, or as some may say “a warning,” telling them to respect human rights of the Tibetan people as well as their right to self determination. However, this doesn’t seem to be enough, we think there can be other ways to solve this. First of all china has to realize that their actions are wrong, they shouldn’t have the right to take land that isn’t theirs because that land is where people grew up and made their own culture and beliefs. Also the United Nation should take more action against China if they don’t stop invading Tibet or at least give Tibetan people human rights. If China doesn’t comply with the U.N’s laws, Tibetan monks will commit more self-immolations in order to protest against China. Up until this date there have been 92 self immolations in Tibet. We definitely think that China should stop their wanting for power because the consequences of this in the future are just going to be the death of more people/monks. What does china want, the death of all Tibetans? There is no necessity for these poor men and women to be killing themselves because of their land being claimed by China. It is their land and they have the right to their own culture and religions just like each and every one of us do.


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