Free Will Film mash-up

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The Adjustment Bureau is about a man named David who meets and begins to fall in love with a woman named Elise. This organization called the Adjustment Bureau looks over everybody to make sure that they continue to go down the path that “The Chairman” has chosen for them. David find out about the Bureau because his so called guardian angel fell asleep on the job, and because of that he was able to cross paths with Elise again. This then starts the thought of free will and if someone truly has it. Elise and David wanted to be together from the moment they first met each other, but the Adjustment Bureau did everything in their power to keep them away from each other and back on their separate paths.
Source code is about the fallen soldier Captain Colter Stevens who had been put into a machine called source code, which is basically life support while keeping the brain intact. The greatness of this machine is it allows Colter to go back in time to relive the last eight minutes of somebody’s life to try and get answers to who bombed the train earlier that day. After multiple tries, Colter finds out where the bomb is and later who the bomber is as well. This then is deemed as a successful mission to the company who created the machine, but it wasn’t enough for Captain Stevens. Stevens didn’t want to be stuck in this alternate reality for the rest of his life, instead he asked Goodwin to let him go back in order to try and save the girl he has fallen in love with and after the eight minutes were up, to cut him off of the life support.
The theme I am looking at through these two films is both the thought of free will, and just how powerful love can truly be. The thought of free will is a somewhat controversial concept for religions; a lot of religions believe that their god has a predestined path set for them in life. The opposing side then argues that if that is true, do you truly choose what you want to do, or does your god choose for you? On the concept of love, I met an author while working at a camp last summer, and after that I read his book titled Love Does. This book was a collaboration of stories of times in the author’s life in which love prevailed over all. This is where I got the idea to use these two films; in the end love conquered every obstacle that was thrown in its path. Where this comes in with religion, is the author also had a very Christian view going through his whole life and credited god for the success he has had, showing that God’s love for us allows us to get through any struggles that we go though as long as we don’t fall astray. Captain Colter Stevens’ free will was taken away from him the second that his body was donated to the Source Code project without him even knowing about it, while David’s free will was trying to be taken away from him throughout the whole movie. They go through the movie trying to find different ways to be able to decide what they truly want to do and not what the higher power thinks they need in their lives. Their strength to fight against these powers comes from nothing more than love itself. The love David had for Elise beat the blackmail the Bureau was giving him saying that if he continues to see Elise, her dreams of becoming a great dancer would be shot down the drain. While Stevens fell in love with the girl who sat across from him on the train he was sent on to find out who the bomber was. In the end each of the main characters gets what they wanted all along. David gets his path rewritten by the chairman while Stevens gets Goodwin to pull the plug to his life support. Thinking that those eight minutes were the last minutes of his life, he did as Christina said and made those seconds count only to find out that it wasn’t the end of his life, but a new beginning.

Does religion mean your life is predestined or you have the will to make it or break it?
What limitations does one have with the true power of love?
Should someone be able to make decisions for other people?
What would someone have to do in order to separate two people who have fallen in love?
Where do you draw the line between free will and predetermined fate?
I feel like the film I created depicts the theme I was trying to represent because it starts from the first time the two couples met, and ends when they find out about their fate at the end of the movie. At the beginning the scenes are fairly well light, David and Elise being in a mood lit bathroom and Colter and Christine being on a train in the middle of the day. Then it goes to where the two main characters figure out about the two higher powers that has power over what they can and can’t do. These two scenes are very dark compared to most of the other scenes in the movie. Then they both go through a time where they feel like there is no way that they will be able to see Elise or Christine again. This instead of beating them down into a depression, they both rise up and fight for the chance to make things right, in a sense they both have a redemption in making everything right. Finally at the end is where Elise and David think it’s the end by getting trapped by the men in hats and Captain Stevens thinks he is about to die after his eight minutes are up. They all are surprised when they figure out that this isn’t the end, but actually a new beginning. Both of the scenes for the ending are very bright lit and cheerful, in Source Code Stevens even gives all of the money on him to a locally known comedian betting him that he can’t make everyone laugh which he with no hesitation makes the train roar with laughter as you can see when time freezes for a split second.

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