Beneath the Surface of Hinduism

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On Republic Day, consider that India’s real split is between two Hinduisms

I read a small article depicting the activity involving a major social split in the religion of Hinduism. This event was spoken of with a very general knowledge or behavior of the Hindus. As if the religion were capable of being definitively split into two separate categories based off rituals and practice. Something interesting that I can analyze from this article and others alike is how little the understanding of Hindus can be by the outside world. People like to categorize and make things more simple but unfortunately Hinduism is one of the farthest things from being simplistic. From a distance we see a homogeneous religion with standard practices across the board but with a closer look there is a world of differences and confusion. Only with close analyzing can we understand  the way in which Hinduisms vast traditions and variety of practices flow into one religion with one name. The complexity of Hinduism can stem back to the simple fact that there was no specific founder. There is not a Buddha or Jesus figure in Hinduism. The difference between their Veda scriptures and there practice speak volumes of the complexity and stability of Hinduism. In certain parts Hindus can simply be viewed as “non-muslim” which needless to say is not very specific. Even using the term Hinduism is practically useless because it cannot point to anything specific. With this said it is important to recognize the kind of misleading behavior of the media, outside religions, and people in general. Articles such as the ones I read reveal this nature of people to categorize and assume a certain behavior when in reality there is nothing one can assume with complete certainty about Hinduism.

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