Dance for the Love of God

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When first looking at this picture, you see a woman dancing a traditional dance which happens to be from South India. This woman, Mesma Belsare, affiliates herself with the Hindu tradition or religion. Hinduism does not have a set in stone idea about homosexuality. This woman dances in support of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT). She lives in a society where women are often seen as inferior. Love is something that is apparent in all religions. Belsare hopes to how love is bigger than gender roles. Belsare performs around the world and is referred to as “a tour de force” because of her ideals and beliefs that are apparent through her dancing. Religion helps instill a set of moral ethics and obligations. Beslare is transferring these morals into her dance and public speaking. She has been a loud activist for LGBT rights and treatment. Beslare speaks and dances representing the broad spectrum that encompasses love from the physical to the spiritual.

            These ideas cause controversy in almost all countries of this current time period. Beslare has taken it upon herself to help combat this unacceptable behavior in the world. She is a proud woman speaking out for the LGBT community which needs support and awareness to help promote change and growth. The religious aspect of this is the incorporation of moral values and loving a person because of who they are. She wears traditional dress which was purposeful. I think from this she purposes the idea that this concept of unconditional love has been there since the beginning and people need to be aware that the meaning has not changed, people have changed.

            I am unaware if women have certain roles in the action of worship. But from my experience there are not many options for women to hold leadership positions in worship. She is taking up a leadership position strongly and has the knowledge, determination and passion to back it up.

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