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Music has always been one of the most effective ways to display an emotion and I have known a number of good songs related to religion. A band , from my point of view, that displayed a very insightful song related to the religion of Christianity is Hollywood Undead. This band is notorious for expressing a lot of music through anger. Their emotion and passion is one of the main reasons their music made it to the top. The specific song in which I am going to discuss is called “Paradise Lost”. Within the song are major stereotypes and general points of view from average citizens with an average level of devotion in the religious world. In the song the singers depict a self-defeated attitude in which they don’t feel like they can possibly satisfy God based off what is expected from them from and religious or biblical standpoint. The chorus states, “let it all burn! I will burn first! God I have tried, am I lost in your eyes? Just let me burn! It’s what I deserve! God I have lied, am I lost in your eyes?” From this chorus follows a number of personal vocals that fills in the gaps. The lyrics always seem to implicate a kind of puritan like view of Christianity; a religion that seems to them overly strict with the unbearable punishment of going to hell for eternity. Having this kind of outlook on the religion can for understandable reasons derive some serious anger and resentment against the deity of Christianity. This anger blatantly fuels the lyrics of this song. Clearly the identity of certain religious figures in their life has given them some serious resentment. Certain characteristics of this identity are actually mentioned in the song, and they involve the arrogance or elite like behavior of religious figures in their life. It only takes one individual of a certain religion to represent it poorly and ultimately draw up resentment and anger from more than one person. Another set of lyrics that brings out a common implication of Christianity states, “..so take me and make me, weakened and save me, this hate that you gave me keeps saying the same thing, to sing when your hurt and to sing when you die, but here at the end, at end of the hurt all the pain ain’t the same when it’s your turn to burn!” This set of lyrics is indicative of the kind of general idea that Christians can’t answer why bad things happen or the typical statement of “where was god when such and such happened?” It’s pretty obvious that, like religions such as Hinduism, things involving religion are much more complicated then they seem. There is no set way of being a Christian especially when you get down on the personal level. The range of religious devotion in Christianity ranges from reading the Bible and worshiping God every day to only going to church on Christmas and Easter. But with complex things comes radical stereotypes and developed ideas of certain religions that can be seen in music everywhere.

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