Religion Rundown

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Religion all over the world is diverse and sometimes is the cause between misunderstandings.  These few articles running between Feb 18th and Feb 28th 2013 exemplify this.

Protesting Yoga in Schools, But Welcoming Bible Study                   Feb 18, 2013


Yoga has been introduced as a P. E. class at an elementary school in California and some parents are upset that it may be teaching their children Buddhist practices and that their children are worshipping pagan gods.  The school, other parents and the company that donated the mats are fighting back saying that it is just a simple exercise.

American Buddhism: Beyond the Search for Inner Peace         Feb 19, 2013


Bhikkhu Bodhi is invterviewed about his journey into Buddhism and his accomplishments.  He is starting a new program in America to help bring peace among the country as well as the world called the Buddhist Global Relief.

“Harlem Shake” shakes Muslim Brotherhood Headquarters in Cairo         Feb28


About 70 Protesters gathered around the Muslim Brotherhood Headquarters and danced to the song Harlem Shake while chanting and yelling words of disapproval towards the policies of the Brotherhood.

15 Die in Bangladesh Protests over Muslim Leaders Death Sentence        Feb 28


Delwar Hossain Sayedee has been convicted and has been ordered to death because he has been found guilty of murder rape and trying to convert Hindus to Islam.  Many protesters were killed by police who were trying to fight them off,  200 injured and a Hindu temple set aflame.

Thailand, southern rebels agree to hold peace talks                                         Feb 28


Buddhist and Muslim forces, in Thailand, have agreed to try to bring peace to their decade old conflict that has caused more than 5000 deaths.



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