2013 March 1st – Tibetans in China (Critical Commentary)

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Within the recent years, there have been a lot of talk about Tibetans with the Chinese borders committing self-immolation (killing themselves in order to prove their point – in the name of their people and what their people stand for). An article that came out today on the China Daily website declared that there is actually a guide for such acts named the ‘Self-immolation Guide’ published by the Dalai Clique. *I tried looking up what the Dalai Clique was but there were just a lot of articles based on the same news that there is now a guide.

Anyways, this guide is said to “demonstrates a sober attitude in scheming and arranging the cruel actions of self-immolations, which makes it stand out among many propaganda of the Dalai clique, and thus soon get intensive spotlight.”

Basically the goal of all these self-immolations is to “Free Tibet, let the Dalai Lama return to Tibet, and release political prisoners”.

I was a little amazed by how unbiased the article was – within the first page of the article – considering that its a Chinese press and didn’t try to portray the people who self-immolate themselves as opposers or people going against the law but portrayed them as the Tibetans would have by quoting that they were heroes for doing what they were doing. But the fact that they name the article “Self-immolation Guide”: desperate insanity of the Dalai Clique makes the article very biased towards the what the Chinese government wants their people to think about the situation. Also the pages preceding the first begin to speak negatively of the guide by stating “the Dalai clique who has committed the crime of manipulating self-immolations.” Therefore, though it includes what the Dalai Clique thinks and considers the people who kill themselves for justice, the article itself calls it a result of manipulation. Furthermore, the article also states “The “Self-immolation Guide” aims to “standardize and systematize the self-immolation behavior so as to manipulate it like an assembly line in the future”, and reach the “more efficient” goal put forward by the Dalai Lama.” Pretty much putting a negative view on the whole situation because they are saying that to be effective, they have to manipulate and be constant with the activities that they are participating in. I find this to be really sad because though people are martyring themselves are being degraded – saying they weren’t heroes, they were victims of manipulation and because they fell for it, they must not be celebrated, pitied for, or taken into consideration when it comes down to persecution, unless the incident can charge and put other Tibetans in jail.

Also, by calling this an act of manipulation, it degrades the religion itself because the article is degrading the person who the Tibetans worship the most – the Dalai Lama. It’s sort of like saying Confucious was a brain washer and he said and did everything in his power to get his idea heard and practiced no matter what the cost was and no matter who got hurt along the way – really degrading and discrediting the religion in which the Tibetans take very seriously – as other religions are.

“After the self-immolation incidents, they completely disregarded the fact, denied the crimes committed by the Dalai clique, and accused the policy made by the Chinese government causing the self-immolations. Furthermore, they even showed sympathy for and “concern” to those criminals who have been sentenced to jail in line with the Chinese law to encourage the self-immolation manipulators.”

Through this paragraph alone, the article is stating that the Chinese are actually the victims of such audacity and that people everywhere who have not heard of these manipulated self-immolation people should not pity them *definitely an opinion based paragraph because through the first page they were quoted to be heroes in the eyes of the Dalai Clique and many other Tibetans as well.

Overall, the article really discredited and tried to make the Tibetan religion look and sound bad. It reminds me of the problem the US is facing/ was facing with the people of the Middle East and how the people who killed themselves to stand for their religion are called “terrorists” but their people consider them heroes – how much words really play with our minds of what is right and wrong when it could really mean something else depending on who is reading and/ writing the article.


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