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Critical Commentary: Worldwide Religious News “Turn to Religion Split Bomb Suspects’ Home

 “Back in the 1940s, Anzor Tsarnaev’s parents were deported to Kyrgyzstan from their native Chechnya after Josef Stalin’s regime accused the Caucasian Muslim ethnic group of being Nazi collaborators.” Anzor’s goal to gain a better life for himself and his family was essential. When he crossed the Atlantic to the U.S. his intentions we’re clearly for his family to gain a better life style free of oppression from world leaders and the opportunities to become whatever they wanted. When Tamerlan Tsarnaev, son of Anzor, decided that boxing and his carefree lifestyle weren’t Muslim enough, it caught his family’s attention and his father’s disappointment. When friend Brendan Mess was murdered Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s mother told him, “we are Muslim, and we are not practicing our religion, and how can we call ourselves Muslims?” The “shift” in not only Tamerlan’s attitude, but also his mother’s became very evident after this incident in 2011. They both become very involved in their Muslim religion, stricter and radical as ever, as reported by family and acquaintances. However, the track record Tamerlan was gathering was quite impressively outspoken and sometimes violent in what is portrayed as an intended execution of his beliefs.

When I first read the startling couple of lines in the article there was no hint of blame of the Boston Marathon bombing being Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s fault but rather a son being victimized by the U.S. police. “Law-enforcement officials trying to understand what happened in Boston are looking into whether Tamerlan Tsarnaev had taken a turn toward radical Islam.” The tone of Tamerlan is very angrily portrayed and violent. He is even quoted for calling a shopkeeper a kuffar, which is an Arabic reference to non-Muslim, for promoting Thanksgiving by selling “Thanksgiving Turkeys”. He is also recorded as being extremely outspoken in sermons and asked to leave. “People who knew him say Tamerlan would express outrage when he perceived a religious slight and was critical of Muslim immigrants’ efforts to assimilate in the U.S.”

The sources in this article used to collaborate his identity and perhaps motives make a radical shift from the beginning of the article to the end becoming increasingly more, as sources say, radically Islamic and strict on his religious exercises and beliefs. His family for the most part is the main source of information about Tamerlan’s life and personality but there are some other bystanders that knew him and his friend who was with him on the day of the bombing. There were definitely conflicting views of Tamerlan’s motives and extent of aggression, however that does not negate the evidence prosecuted against him for assault and the unsolved murder of his friend (which is an insinuation of him being guilty). The mother seems to be portrayed as very willing to give information about the incidents leading up to the bombing, but still very protective of her son and says that he must have been framed for the bombing. The father, who’s very ill throughout the interviews, was disappointed in his son after he had quit boxing and become extremely outspoken about his ideas of Muslim. His dad worked hard to give them (family) the life that they have and for his son to defy everything he has worked so hard to get and disrespect him in the process puts Tamerlan in very bad lighting. “Anzor said he grew up in Soviet times, when it was taken for granted that Muslims didn’t have to follow such strict rules. “I told him I trained him all his life so that he could accomplish something, so that he could be a champion at something,” Anzor said. “He discarded it.”’

This entire article is built on the reliability of the family and acquaintances of the alleged bombers to form an explanation of Tamerlan’s actions and the Boston Marathon bombing. The only facts truly presented are those legally stated about Tamerlan. However, there is no present evidence that either of these gentlemen have committed this crime.

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