Critical Commentary: Don’t Blame Religion for Boston Bombings

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For my critical commentary I wanted to take a look at an article I found on the Religion Dispatches. The article was called “Don’t Blame Religion for Boston Bombings” written by Mark Juergensmeyer on April 22, 2013. In this article Mark is explaining to us why he believes that the recent bombing in Boston deals nothing with the Islam religion or Muslims. Some reporters are saying that the attacks from the Tsarnaev brothers were a religious attack towards the United States. On the other hand Mark believes that these attacks deal nothing with the Islam religion, just an older brother who were lost and confused. As I look further into this case, it seemed that these brothers had no affiliation with a Muslim terrorists group but just an older brother telling his younger brother to follow his lead. The older of the Tsarnaev brothers, Tamerlan seemed to be the reason why these bombings happened. Tamerlan had a troubled background of bad behavior, such as dropping out of college; he got arrested for assaulting his girlfriend and now this. Tamerlan did not have one single United States friend and it comes clear now as to why he did this. Although it is weird to me why Tamerlan younger brother Dzhokar did this because of all the great things he had going for him. But after reading that Dzhokar was a follower of what his brother Tamerlan it then began clear to why this happened.

After looking more into what Islam religion was about, it is weird to me that these two men would have done an attack of this nature? Muslims believe in one unique God, and Muslims do what God believes is right for them and their family. In the Islam religion, Muslims follow a religion of peace, mercy and forgiveness. Then why would these reporters or groups believe that it was an attack of religious violence, Muslims don’t seem like the type that would do this. Muslim’s seem to have core values that center around love, and family, so why would these men accuse them of this. The word “Islam” simply means “Submission” and this drives from a word meaning Peace.  

I agree with the author of this article, because looking into the religion of Islam I don’t see how you could blame religion on these attacks. It seems to me that this was not a religious attack towards the United States. It seemed as if this was an attack at a country that had turned their back on them, and they decided to take it out on the United States. My impressions of these bombings were changed today; first I was upset at believing it was the terrorist attack sent from Islamic religion. Now I am taken back on what I said about the Muslims, because I feel as if was not Islam’s religion that attacked us, just two men that were lost. In this article the author Mark is pointing out that the Tsarnaev brothers were the bad guys, and that the people of Islam had nothing to do with this attack on the United States.







(Mark Juergensmeyer, “Don’t Blame Religion for Boston Bombings”, Religion Dispatches, 4/23/20013)


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