Turkish Court sentences Fazil Say for Tweets – cultural arts review

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Fazil Say, who is a world known pianist was sentenced to ten months in jail and a 5 year probation due to twitter posts he posted mocking certain religions. He expressed that he his more sad at the fact that the Turkish government does not really uphold the freedom of expression. Throughout the article, it reports that followers of Say and protesters for Say agree that the judgment of his case has proved to go against their freedom of expression. The article seems to be in a neutral voice, only stating facts and not really putting a label on anyone or anything that the article may contain.

From a readers point of view on this issue though, because Say is famous and has a lot of followers, he is getting more sympathy than I think he should. Even if he is quoting from something else, the fact is that he posted it on his twitter, knowing the laws in Turkey, and openly stated “Is God someone you want to live for, someone you want to die for, or someone you would turn into an animal and kill for?  Think about it.” Another tweet said, “I don’t know if you’ve noticed but wherever you have slimy, despicable, tabloid, thieving buffoons, all of them are followers of Allah. Is this a paradox?” . That is directly at the Islamic religion and the people who follow the teachings of Allah. What it been more of an ‘expression’ he would have explained himself better than what he had posted. Though not all ‘expressions’ are positive, it doesn’t mean it has to be disrespectful. The article did a fine job at not being biased to either sides (better than even my post here) and I believe that the information provided could be taken either way, but most importantly is that both sides are told within this article which can open one’s mind to other opinions.



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