Cultural Arts Review- Cold War by Lupe Fiasco

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Lupe Fiasco new album: Food and Liquor II Cold War


As many people know, Lupe Fiasco is a famous Muslim artist who came out with a new album August 2012. This album there are key phrases that he uses from his religion, which is Islam. One song in particular is Cold War. This song is dedicated to his brother, who was killed a few while he was working on this album. This song describes his brother’s funeral service and a Muslim funeral service. In verse 1, he’s at his brother’s Janazah, which is a Muslim funeral service, a Salat, which is a prayer. His “war”, is him dealing with the loss of his brother, remembering all the good times he’s had with him makes him smile and makes him sad.  He mentions judgment day for him and his brother.  That God will forgive him and Esco for his sins and that they’ll go up to heaven. And he knows his brother is going to heaven and at the end says “As-Salamu Alaykum” which means peace be with you in Arabic.

This song shows the struggle Lupe had with losing his brother and depends on his faith for comfort. He knows his brother will go to heaven, and that they will be together again some day. This song is a combination of talking about his brother’s funeral to talking to his brother.  The other war he’s in is with corporate because it runs our country. He compares it to Russia and communists like in the cold war. Communism controls everything and doesn’t care kind of like corporate in the U.S. I think he chorus is anger towards corporate and stock- holders who pushed a song from him in his hard time and he wrote this one. It doesn’t matter that it’s about his dead brother and he’s still in mourning. As long as the song is good, they are happy because they are making money off of it.

Lupe’s song dedicated to his brother shows his faith clearly. From the first verse to the second verse, he’s mentioning something whether it’d be a phrase or religious practice that they do. For example, in verse one, he’s at the Janazah, which is a funeral service for Muslim people. Later on in the song, he believes his brother is watching over him from heaven, listening and enjoying his song.  He hopes that on his brother’s judgment day, which is when God decides if you go to Heaven or not, that God will forgive his brother of his sins, and erase his history. Finally, the last verse, he talks about how things in his life has made him not happy, but I think with what happened with his brother, it was a reminder that he’s a rapper because he loves to rap. He doesn’t care if he makes millions or not, as long as he gets to do what he enjoys doing, then he’s happy. This song proves he has beliefs and he’s not afraid to use them in his music and show everyone he’s a proud Muslim. Finally, He ends his song with a phrase “As-Salamu Alaykum”, meaning “Peace be with you”. It only fits the end of the song dedicated to his brother who was killed. Lupe’s faith that he will see his brother again in heaven is obvious. 


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