Cultural Arts Review – The Holy Quran-Arabic Text and English translation

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The sacred book of the Islamic religion is the Quran. The Quran is the central religious text of Islam. The Muslims believe it is the word of Allah. It is also regarded as the finest piece of literature in the Arabic language. The Quran is not considered a Quran if it is not in Arabic. It does not matter if it is in the written book, over the internet, or even on an iPhone or iPad, if the text is in Arabic it is considered a Quran.

“The Holy Quran-Arabic Text and English translation” this is an app for the iPhone and iPad that is described as an “easy to read hand written font in popular Yassarnal Quran style with side by side English translation by Maulvi Sher Ali published by Islam International Publications. Complete Arabic text and translation for every day reading.” It is also said that once installed you do not need Internet connection, browse to any chapter or part from the menu.

The implications of this app are that anyone can have the Quran with them where ever they are and be able to pray or read from it without limitation. This is good for Muslims that do not want to carry the book around with them when they would have their phone on them anyways. This app can also be beneficial for people that are not Muslim but that are interested in the Islamic faith and the Quran. They can read the English version and figure out how it is similar and different to their holy book. I know as a Catholic I would be interested in the similarities to the Bible.

This is different from regular Muslim tradition because there were not iPhones and iPads in the past to have this opportunity to simply carry around a phone and have access to the Quran at anytime. In the past it was not translated into the different languages. This is completely different from the past where it was only in Arabic and in text form. Having this simpler way of carrying the Quran around and the different languages can make learning about the Islam faith much easier for the western culture and around the world.

I believe that the Muslims would be in favor of an app like this. The world is evolving and people are getting more technologies and are on the go more and need to access an immense amount of things that can be in the app form. I know there are apps for the Bible and the different versions of the Bible. Apps are going to become some of the most important forms of different books.

In my opinion this is a good app to be developed. It is an information tool for many people in the world and can be a learning tool for students that attend schools that have iPad programs where each student is issued an iPad at the beginning of the year. Programs like this can be beneficial to the later generations of America and other countries around the world because the younger population can learn more with the better technology in schools.

Here is the app:

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