New Media Project – Muslims: First to Blame for Terrorist Attack on Boston Bombing

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This is the work and research of Chloe Altmann and Samantha Falk


This photo of the painting done by Sam Falk and Chloe Altmann depicts both the disaster of the Boston Marathon Bombing as well as the stereotype that Muslims are trying to stray away from. The road in this photo symbolizes the finish line that was near the two main bombs that were constructed by two Islamic extremists. Because these two men were Muslim, it generalized all Muslims as being terrorists and behind this attack. The road also shows the path of the Muslim religion of which Muslims are portrayed as terrorists just because the actual bombers happened to be of the Muslim background.  The road veering off in the distance shows the constant struggle that Muslims will always face because of attacks like 9/11 and Boston Bombing. Muslims as a whole will never be able to diminish the stereotype of being violent because of their Islamic beliefs.

This Prezi presentation shows how Muslims are always first to blame when a terrorist attack occurs. It talks about the Tsarnaev brothers being outliers, the Muslim background having affect on their actions, how Islamaphobia plays a role in the stereotypes, how the media forms America’s beliefs and thoughts, and how not all Muslims are terrorists, and how other religions are viewed on terrorism. The information in this article uses the knowledge from different authors, scholars, and researchers. There are videos and photographs that help explain and give more information on this topic.

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