Cultural Arts Review: Swedish House Mafia, “Don’t You Worry Child”

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A mother worries about her baby being healthy, happy, and humble
A father worries about his family being whole, well-built, and wholesome
A daughter worries about her development, dreams, and décor
A son worries about his achievements, acknowledgments, and acceptance
A friend worries about their moments, their memories, and their manner
A teacher worries about their impact, their improvements, and their intelligence
A person worries about eating, exhaustion, and everything else
Everybody worries.

The Swedish House Mafia’s song “Don’t You Worry Child” indicates a theme of worry. On The Source For Youth Ministry website they discuss the point of this song being, “Our heavenly Father cares deeply for us, so we can take our earthly worries to Him.” Bellow the lyrics posted on their page they have a transitional statement, which I believe relates well to my poem. If asked to fill in the blank for “Sometimes I worry about________” I know that my worries would differ from a nineteen-year-old girl in say Saudi Arabia, or Egypt, or Afghanistan, or Iran. True all of these countries have similarities in their religious practices and government, however they’re worries may still be drastically different from one another.
This song does have religious text in it referencing, “The Father” being God, and Heaven being the place where worries go away and that we should trust in God’s plan for us.

Music Discussions, The Source For Youth Ministry, 1/16/13

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