Final Project: Eco-Burials in China

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Final Project: Eco-Burials in China

For my final project (please follow the link about to an attached SoundCloud file) I chose to delve deeper into a subject that I found fascinating earlier in the semester. By reading twelve articles, I was able to analyze the push towards ecological burials in China both from a government and a religious viewpoint.

The following images help to demonstrate what I discuss in my final project.


The graveyards in China are becoming too full. It is thought that some cities will run out of land available for graves within the next 5 years, and that all of the grave years in China will be full within the next 10-15 years.


The images above are of the Quingming Festival, or Tomb-Sweeping Festival that takes place in China on April 4th. It is a day to honor your death ancestors by tending to their graves and offering gifts of food, money, etc. Just before the festival in 2013, the Chinese Government began strongly advocating for a shift from ground burials to eco-burials.


These two images depict the most recommended eco-burial: sea burials. The government offers larges incentives for families that are willing to scatter the ashes of their loved ones at sea rather than buried in the ground. The first picture shows a family scattering the ashes, while the second picture represents a “sea funeral” which is similar to a half-day cruise and tries to emulate the rituals of a more traditional funeral.

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