The Threat That Wasn’t There?

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So when 9/11 took place I was pretty scared. There was a lot of talk about how the United States was under attack and that we would be going to war. But where were we going to war. Everyone, my parents included thought that the war would take place in the United States. That it would take place on our streets in our Neighborhoods, in our parks, near our schools and places we work. So what happened?

Well obviously our fears never game to pass. But why didn’t they. I mean this was obviously an attack on the American way of life. An interesting article I found written by Ali al Shihabi talks about just that. His article is called The myth of Islamic terrorism in America. Why were we so afraid and confused about the terrorist attack during 9/11, well it stems from politicians and the Israeli lobbyist groups that feared that they were the cause of the attack on the United States? A lot of bold and downright crazy ideas were thrown around in D.C. on why exactly this happened which gave root to the idea of Islamophobes. The Crazy thing contradictory to all the news, late night specials and action packed movies is that Bin Ladin didn’t even care about the “American way of life” according to Ali al shihabi. The only reason the terrorist attack targeted the World Trade Centers was to hopefully break the alliance with Saudi and United States alliance. And the crazy idea that they want to imply Sharia Law over the American way of life? All lies made up to create fear for a stronger campaign for reelection.

The shear idea of a guerrilla war in the United States is terrifying. New York becoming the next war zone for car bombs and IEDs would have been a blood bath to say the least. Looking back now it’s obvious this war on America was never their goal seeing the statue of liberty still has two arms and is still standing tall in the harbor. Even more surprising is the fact that there have only been two major events since 9/11 that can even be linked to Islamic groups. The two of which being the Texas army base shooting and the Boston Bombing.

In fact according to Ali al Shihabi Islamic terrorism in the United States is only kept alive by the constant raids conducted by the FBI on “possible” criminal groups that’s aren’t even always Muslim and more than often it is the media that renames the few Muslims that are arrested as terrorists.

So where does that leave us after 9/11 are we just chasing a ghost we created to keep our minds distracted or is the next big threat lurking around the corner? It’s hard to say but I can say I sleep easy at night not worrying about any terrorists attacks were I leave.


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