Quebec’s war on religion, critical commentary

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Quebec’s war on religion, critical commentary

This article was written about the charter that is being voted on/ trying to be passed in Quebec. The charter is about banning Quebec’s public sector employees from wearing “conspicuous” religious symbols. So people like doctors and police officers would not be allowed to wear any clothing that can be related to any religion. The article was not very specific why this charter was being passed but I believe that there has been issues in the past of people refusing to be treated by or arrested by an employee because of what religion that person was affiliated with. It also talked about how the general population was reacting to the charter, and it focused mostly on the protesters even though the population is split 50/50.

My first impression of this article just from the headline alone made me think that Quebec government was waging an actual war on a certain religion, specifically Muslims because it says war on religion and there is a picture of a Muslim woman at the top of the article. The first time I went over it I felt like the writer was against the charter, because in the first few paragraphs are all about the protesters and main religious professionals speaking out against the charter. As the article goes on it shows the side of the government who is support the charter but discredits a lot of the reasons why saying there was no such records for almost all of the arguments. I also thought only Muslims were being targeted because that is who is first mentioned in the article and again that is who the picture it of.

So the writer does not give their opinion at all in the article but just by the way he portrays the supporters of the charter and the protesters it seems clear that they are against the charter. They discredit the arguments for supporting the charter. The words used are very neutral to both sides though. It does bash a little bit on one of the main supporters of the charter too, talking about how it is ironic the different places they are acquiring votes. It also does bash the bill too, asking questions like, what constitutes as an overt and conspicuous religious item, just pointing out flaws in the charter.

There could be a lot of influences on the writer, one they could be religious and not support the charter for that reason alone, they could have a family member that works in one of the jobs that would be affected by the charter but these are both just speculation. I think one of the main influences that it would have on all writers is the fact that the charter takes away one of the most basic rights granted by any free country and that is the freedom to practice whatever religion you want. Obviously they are not completely taking away the right to practice or worship religion completely (only affecting certain jobs) but it is requiring people to live their life differently when they go to work. I know this is a far leap to make but if the government is willing to pass a charter that limits religious practices then they might be willing to limit other freedoms the most important to a writer being the freedom to say what you want about what you want and when you want to.

The writer does a nice job with the article but does give a tone of disagreement with the charter. Overall it is nicely written.

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