Critical Commentary: Church Destroyed, Christians Attacked by Hindus

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In New Delhi, India a large mob of Hindus destroyed a church and beat the pastor and his congregation. Violence of Hindus toward Indian Christians is not uncommon and has driven away the previous four pastors from this particular church. It was reported that hundreds of Hindus climbed on top of the building and began tearing it up from the top down. Other similar stories have also occurred against Christians in India that the article highlights.
In Karnataka state, southwest India, Christians were attacked in three separate incidents. Hindu extremists raged the home of a lady named Ms. Doddamma in the Chikkamalaguru district and insisted to know who gave her permission to preach Christianity. After Doddamma and her daughter were forced to a nearby temple where they tried to force them both to return to Hinduism. After refusal, they were violently beaten and their home was destroyed. A week earlier, Hindu nationalists dragged a man named Reverend Paramajyothi out of his church in the Chitadurga district. They stripped and beat him in front of his congregation, and told Paramajyothi he had to leave the village. Recently in the Bijapur district, 50 Hindus attacked a Christian couple. The mob ordered the couple to return to Hinduism, if they refused they had to leave the village.
From the headline and the first few sentences, the Hindu religion is made to sound extremely violent and unaccepting of other faiths. It sets the Hindu religion in a negative light. For those who do not know about Hindu faith, it portrays all Hindus to be militant and frightening. I was in utter shock while reading this article because this is not how all Hindus act. “Hinduism” was a word the British colonials used to describe in a single word the huge display of different spiritual practices of the entire subcontinent. Unfortunately in trying to describe so many ideas into a single term, is not necessarily precise. Because of this it can lead to an inaccurate understanding of the spiritual traditions in India and their vast diversity. The article mentions that the groups responsible were Hindu extremists. However, to those who read this news story with little background on the faith would likely group this behavior to the behavior of all Hindu’s.
Of course, the actions of the extremists are sickening and are by no means acceptable or excusable. However it is always important to look at the sources to which the information is coming from. Joseph DeCaro, Worthy News Correspondent, wrote this article Tuesday, September 17th, 2013. He also sighted that he got some of his information from Barnabas Aid. Barnabas Aid is a group that “supports Christians where they are in a minority and suffer discrimination, oppression and persecution as a consequence of their faith.” After looking into more or Joseph DeCaros’s new stories, I found that he does most of his news coverage on stories of Christianity. It would be interesting to hear the same story from the people of these towns. How do they view their action? Is this kind of treatment encouraged or are people outside of the extremist group just as disturbed as I am?
A story that reports one religion attacking another, it is bound to get some attention. It is easily available on the Internet, as most things are these days. I think it is really sad that extremist groups would have so much hatred for other human beings. Their actions are horrific; thankfully not everyone of the Hindu religion has the same thoughts and beliefs as this particular group involved.

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