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In today’s society, religion is a big part of many people’s lives. The media is able to convey religion in many ways. A set of films that stands out to me is the Star Wars saga. There are many aspects from the Star Wars saga that are tied to Christianity. Certain aspects of the movies can represent certain stories or people from Christianity. People are able to relate with this series because Christianity is a major part of their lives. They can see the connections with the temptations of the dark side and with the temptations of sinning against god. There are two major connections that stand out to me. The first is that the dark side signifies Satan and the second is that Luke Skywalker brings the same hope that Jesus brings to his people. These two reasons in particular are major examples of religion in the media.

The first example is a very obvious one and that the dark side represents Satan and the force represents Jesus. In the movies the continual battle between the force and the dark side are comparable to the temptations of the devil and how we can either give into these temptations or be saved by Jesus. You can see a clear connection throughout the movies as Anakin Skywalker learns about the force and becomes a Jedi. Although he is a Jedi, he still has evil in him that other Jedi’s can sense. This is similar to how Jesus can sense bad things in others and knows what is taking place in their minds.

The second example, is the in the title of the sixth movie in the saga. The title of The Return of the Jedi can be compared to story of Easter from the bible. At the end of the fifth movie, The Empire Strikes Back, Luke Skywalker goes off to complete his training of becoming a Jedi. This can be compared to Jesus going to the cross to die and three days later being reborn. In Star Wars, the return of the Jedi can signify the return of Jesus. They both bring hope to people when they return and are able to help many people.

There are many similarities between Christianity and Star Wars. Two that stand out to me, are that the dark side signifies Satan and the second is that Luke Skywalker brings the same hope that Jesus brings to his people. Throughout the movies, there is the constant presence of evil that is continually challenging the galaxy and the Jedi’s. Many religions have a similar premise to as Christianity, so Star Wars can be compared to many of these other religions. Other religions are based on a good and a bad side of life that can test you mentally. There are many comparisons that can be made with these religions and Stars Wars. It is always fun to see how the media puts religion into movies or televisions shows to convey the message of that particular religion. 

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